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"What Massage Should I Get?"

Updated: Apr 5

With all the massages available, how do you know which one is best for you to book?

Mobile Massage Services Brampton

We are breaking down our top 3 massages to help you understand which one would suit you best. Because not every massage is the same, and it is important to book a massage that will benefit your unique ailments and needs.

deep tissue massage

Is best if you have really tight muscles that need to be knotted out. Athletes, and those that work with their bodies love this kind of massage. We use short, slow strokes, with hard pressure, to ensure that the muscles can release the deep tension that has been stored there. This isn't a massage for the faint of heart and should only be booked if your muscles really need them.

Swedish Massage

Is for the newbies who haven't received a massage yet or for those just wanting to relax. Arguably the most popular massage, it is relaxing, and focuses on creating a deep feeling of peace in the body. If you want a more gentle touch, this is the massage to get. You can also mix up the pressure if a part of your body needs a little harder touch. But it is not as intense as a deep tissue.

trigger point massage

Is for you if you have a specific painful spot in your body. Going deeper than a deep tissue, a trigger point massage hyper focuses on pain points to help relieve the pain. If you have a knot that causes you chronic discomfort, this is the massage to get. It is not relaxing, but it can be deeply healing.

Depending on your needs, these massages give different results in the body. Choose what is best for you, and communicate with your RMT on what that is. If you are ready to book a massage for yourself, check out our services page to get started.

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