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3 Reasons your Massage is not Relieving Pain

There are many reasons why someone goes for a massage. A lot of the time, though, it is to relieve pain.

What happens when your pain doesn't go away? Does that mean a massage is ineffective in doing so?

It depends.

Here are 3 reasons why your pain may still be present after a massage.

Reason #1: You went for a Swedish Massage when you should have received a Deep Tissue Massage.

The type of massage you receive is important, because each massage has a different benefit. If you want to tackle specific pain, then you need to receive a massage that will address that. That is why a conversation with a RMT is important before your appointment. Let them know where your pain is, and the kind of massage that will help relieve some or all of the pain.

Reason #2: Your masseuse is not capable of addressing your pain.

Just like there are different massages, there are also different levels of expertise in a masseuse. It isn't always the case, but many times the masseuses you find at spas are not there for pain relief. They are usually better at relaxation and stress reduction. Looking for an experienced RMT that specializes in pain relief will better your chances at addressing the pain at hand.

Reason #3: The Pain is Chronic and can not be Dealt with in one Massage.

If it took years to develop the pain, it is unlikely that it will go away in one massage session. Chronic pain requires a consistent plan to heal from. This includes several massage a month, and a lifestyle change that will assist in the pain dissolving. There are rarely any quick fixes in life. If you are serious about living pain free, you must be serious about the healing of the pain.

Massage is a great tool to relieve pain, but it depends on the kind of pain you are experiencing. Make sure you are getting massages that focus on relieving the pain, you're seeing an RMT who has the skill, and you are committing to seeing that RMT often.

A pain free life is possible, and a consistent massage plan can help you get there.

If you are in the Peel Region and are looking for a RMT who will help with the pain you are experiencing, reach out to us about a consultation into helping you live a pain free life.

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