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Sitting All Day? Here are 3 Tips to Relieve Back and Shoulder Pain

Updated: Apr 5

Your desk job is hurting your posture, your body, and your mood.

Massage Therapy Brampton

The fact of the matter is: you did not evolve to sit at a desk all day, but many of us do.

So what can you do to help relieve any pain that has built up from sitting down all the time for work?

Here are 3 tips on us ;)

Tip 1: Take Frequent Stretch Breaks

Set a timer for every hour and when the timer goes off, get up and stretch for 5 minutes. This will give your body a break from the stagnant posture and allow you to release any tension that has been building.

Tip 2: Invest in a really good chair (or no chair at all)

A high quality chair can help reduce the impact of sitting all day. You want a chair that has all the support you need, especially one that will have you eye level to your screen to support your neck. If you want to go even further, many professionals are investing in standing desks. That way you are getting much more movement in (you can even get a desk treadmill to get all your steps in)

tip 3: Get a monthly massage

Your body is the only body you get in this life, and investing in a professional who specializes in the body is one of the best investments you can make for your health. A RMT will be able to see what is going on with your posture, what treatments will be best, and work out a plan with you to help reduce as much pain and stiffness as possible. But you can't just go once and be done with it, just like you can't go the gym once and be able to lift 300 pounds. This takes consistency. Going at least once a month will establish a great routine for you and your RMT, and if you have benefits from your job you can use them for a massage.

We hope those tips help and remember: You don't have to live with the pain that comes with sitting for long periods of time. Something can be done and we are here to help.

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